A lot of people who are getting a brand new smart phone, is choosing brands with Android development on it. And it is not only because they are one of cheaper, but most of all that they really like this operating system. It is nothing surprising – this brand has a lot to offer for it customers, and is not fall behind others developments. Let’s see all the reason, why so much people prefer it.

Autor: Cory M. Grenier
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Intuitive layout

A lot of customers, mostly older people, are preferring android development because it is very easy to use. Everything is intuitive, layout from newest models are similar to this older, so it much more simpler to use new phone. You can change the size of icons for bigger, if you are a foresight person. If you have a problems with typing your messages, you can choose a speaker for it. You can change wallpaper of your layouts, choose picture of your children or beloved pets. You can balance the lightness of your screen, if you are not seeing clear on it. And many many more.


Android development has plenty of applications available for free. You can check the temperature at virtual weather forecast, you can get to know, how many calories you are eating everyday, just need to download special program who calculate all the nutritions we consume. There are a lot of video games in 3D technology, you can play in simulation of airport, kingdom or just normal life. Also, if you like an adrenaline, you can fight monsters, or human enemies in war games. There are many other types of it, everyone will find something for himself.


It is very important issue for many people. Most of us are choosing the cheapest phones available, because they have other needs to spend their money for. A lot of cheaper brand of mobiles, has android development on it, because they want to give their customers solid, simple and comfortable operating system, in low cost.

There are many more reasons, why Android development is so popular right now. The most important is, that in cheap prize you get a program with a lot of function, that is not far away from more expensive developments.