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IT specialist wanted

If you are thinking about having some new development on your office’s computers, you should hire an IT specialist. You can get an employee for your own on full-time employments, or you can find some good company, that provides a managed services in that field. This article show you, why second option is better, and how to find the best team. Continue reading

New software for your office

For sure, everyone sometimes wondered, who are responsible for all those programs and applications used in daily basis. Cause every little firm has their own file management system, but there are no IT specialists working there. That is because, those corporations are commissions creating new programs to software development company. Continue reading

International company in developing country?

How it is even possible, that international corporations are opening new agencies year after year? Most of it appears in developing countries, most of the times situated hundreds or thousands miles away from main branches. What are back offices for banks or offshore software development? Is there are really reasonable to open entire new agenda? Continue reading

A few words about programming

The programmer is a person who writes programs aimed at addressing the problem. The tool is, of course, the programmer and the computer programming language, the programmer communicates with the computer. More precisely, a programming language allows you to create logic in the form of program code, which will be processed by the computer’s processor. Continue reading

Creating an applications

All day long, we are using a lot of applications, that helping us with a lot of things. There are email boxes, video games, virtual weather forecasts, and many more. But is anyone wondering, who creates all of this brilliant programs that makes are life much easier? It is a job of IT experts, specialized in software development. But how they work looks like? Continue reading

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