All day long, we are using a lot of applications, that helping us with a lot of things. There are email boxes, video games, virtual weather forecasts, and many more. But is anyone wondering, who creates all of this brilliant programs that makes are life much easier? It is a job of IT experts, specialized in software development. But how they work looks like?

To became such a specialist, you need to be creative person, well educated in IT field. But not all of them are graduate of University – many companies are hiring students, and they leave school to work for big money in a firm, which values skills more than diploma. They are usually working in teams, where each of them are qualified in different area. To create a software development, they first need to find what application they want to create. It is usually not just some random thing, it should be something needed, cause people have to buy it later. But at their free time, a lot of programmers are making applications all by themselves, just to create something special, not for profits.

When they already identified needs, they are start to planning the entire process. Manager of whole time are discussing design with his coworkers, they are talking trough all of the potential problems that may occurs, He assign each member of group to particular part of process. After it, they are working by themselves or in a small groups, but they are meeting every week to discus the whole process, it progress or eventual errors in it.  Join to us.

Design is much important part, but it will be hard without first to. IT specialists are starting to create a whole new program, using their skills and creativity to get the best possible product. Very often, they are working with older applications, just making some changes to create a brand new one. Testing – before software development will be over, and application will be available on the market, it must to be tested first. In video games industry, there are special players, who are getting money for playing in brand new game, and looking for some errors and bugs.

After reading this article, you are probably more educated about applications you are using every day. Software development is very complex process, requiring a lot of creative people.