Year by year, there are new applications for your phone, new games for your console or PC, and advanced softwares helping managers to develop their firms. Do you ever wonder, how many technological innovations are invented every single day by IT specialists? But they are not working at thee Universities, although they work is similar to job of scientist. They are hired by software development company, that needs a lot of creative people like that, to stay ahead of competition.

Those corporations are often very big, international firms, with their shares on the stock exchange. They are hiring thousands of specialist on full-time employment, who are working eight hours a day, five times in week, just to create new and improve old developments. Most of these corporations are Americans or Wester European, but very often they are creating new branches outside this areas. Actually, in most of developing countries like Egypt, Mexico, India or Poland, you can find software development company.

One of few criterion is, that place for new branch should be free from any wars and political destabilizations. And be open for free market, of course. Opening of new agency is very good for local people. It always help to reduct of unemployment, ambitious and creative people are able to approve themselves and get job with promotion opportunity. Also, it helps companies saved money, by employing qualified stuff much more cheaper then in developed countries. All the money saved are spend for inventing bran new technologies. So everyone is satisfied.

Now, when you will using your smart phone, maybe you will wonder, who exactly invent this application, which help you to find vegan restaurant in neighborhood? And when you will having some fun with your console, even knowing the name of software development company, you will wonder, in which particular place on earth, this game was invented? Because nowadays, it is really hard to tell. But who really cares? As long as everything is working well, no one.