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Month: May 2016

Creating an applications

All day long, we are using a lot of applications, that helping us with a lot of things. There are email boxes, video games, virtual weather forecasts, and many more. But is anyone wondering, who creates all of this brilliant programs that makes are life much easier? It is a job of IT experts, specialized in software development. But how they work looks like? Continue reading

Software development – is it really so difficult?

Smartphone users love the mobile applications. As proof can be given statistics downloads from app stores, but without that everyone knows it. Finally, more and more people intentionally with this equipment. The matter looks completely different when it comes to application development. Now, they associate it with something expensive and laborious.

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And that’s where apps come from

Year by year, there are new applications for your phone, new games for your console or PC, and advanced softwares helping managers to develop their firms. Do you ever wonder, how many technological innovations are invented every single day by IT specialists? But they are not working at thee Universities, although they work is similar to job of scientist. They are hired by software development company, that needs a lot of creative people like that, to stay ahead of competition.

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Popularity of Android development

A lot of people who are getting a brand new smart phone, is choosing brands with Android development on it. And it is not only because they are one of cheaper, but most of all that they really like this operating system. It is nothing surprising – this brand has a lot to offer for it customers, and is not fall behind others developments. Let’s see all the reason, why so much people prefer it.

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